Have a Hard Job Ahead of You? Use a Ford F-150

When it comes to getting work done, the Ford F-150 can certainly live up to its reputation. It has powerful and efficient engine components, a sturdy frame, and at the same time, a modern and comfortable cabin.

The newest Ford F-150 trucks are lighter and more efficient than their previous counterparts. This is because these full-size pickups are being built with military-grade aluminum alloy. This alloy has been heat treated and hardened to boost its strength and performance. Plus, the frame is fully boxed and made out of high-strength steel. 

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Ford Fusion: Capturing Power and Saving Fuel

The Ford Fusion is packed with fuel saving technology. Two of the systems are the Brake Coach and the EV Mode in the Fusion Plug-In Hybrid.

The Brake Coach teaches you how to harness the power of braking. Normally, the energy braking creates is lost, but the Ford Fusion uses regenerative braking technology to capture and store the energy braking creates. The power redirected and stored in the battery. 

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Drive the Ford Super Duty for Dependable Towing

When shopping for a heavy-duty pickup, you want one that has peak payload and towing capabilities. The Ford Super Duty, one of the most popular heavy-duty pickups on the market, leads the class in durability.

The Super Duty is constructed of military-grade aluminum-alloy. This high-strength material is lightweight but incredibly resistant, and the weight savings has allowed Ford engineers to reinvest in the frame of the truck. This means that the body is rust-resistant, impervious to dents and dings, and home to an even tougher pickup frame.

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The Ford Taurus has Special Performance Features

As you are looking for a full-size sedan option, you are trying to find something that will perform better than some of the other vehicles out there. The Ford Taurus is a popular choice, and it has special performance features.

Traction is important when you are driving a car of any kind and in any kind of a situation. The Ford Taurus offers you all-wheel drive so that you can have the traction that you need when you need it. The Electric Power-Assisted Steering in the Ford Taurus is speed sensitive and ready for anything, making it easy for you…

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Let's Look at Some of the 2018 Ford Mustang's Design Features

The Ford Mustang is perhaps one of the most popular American muscle cars on the market. It maintains a history of excellent performance and stylish design that has made it a trusted vehicle. The 2018 Mustang comes with several new design features that make it even more appealing. To learn more about the design features of the 2018 Ford Mustang, read further.

The new model is now offered in 11 unique colors, and the 2018 model includes three new additions to the color lineup. The new colors include Orange Fury, Royal Crimson, and Kona Blue.

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Choosing the Right Warranty – Bumper-to-Bumper or Powertrain?

Choosing the right automotive warranty can be a big deal to shoppers. While we don’t like to think of our vehicles breaking down, it can happen. If you’re trying to decide on a warranty, stop at Awesome Ford and speak to our educated staff.

Most auto warranties fall into one of two kinds: powertrain or bumper-to-bumper. Here is the difference. Powertrain warranties cover the vehicle's propulsion system, which includes the transmission, engine, differential, drive shaft and velocity joints. Bumper-to-bumper covers everything from one end of the car to the other except for wear and tear...

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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Car Battery in Chehalis, WA?

Car batteries last for an average of three years. Your battery might not last as long if you park your car outdoors or if it's exposed to extreme heat or cold. One way to keep track of the battery is to test it.

Testing a car battery is simple and fast. You'll need a multimeter. Set the tool to a low voltage level. Connect its black probe to the battery's negative terminal and its red probe to the positive terminal. Voltage less than 12.6 means it's time for a new battery.

No voltmeter to test…

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What Symptoms Say You Have a Head Gasket Leak?

The head gasket is the seal that allows a spark to grow in your combustion chamber. The gasket blocks the transfer of fluid from the engine block to the cooling system and vice versa. When a head gasket leaks, your car’s efficiency decreases and, if not recognized right away, will cause immense engine damage.

Leaks in head gaskets are subtle. The first sign of a leak in a head gasket is a smear of oil along the seam between the engine head and engine block. Oil smudges like this are hard to detect, especially if you have just changed…

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Take Good Care of Your Differential at All Times

Sometimes, drivers can get really ignorant with major problems without realizing the harm in it. For instance, if you hear any clunking noise under the hood, all you think of is getting to your destination then check it out once you get there. However, such kind of prolonged checks could lead to permanent damage and often leads to replacing costly differential parts.

When accelerating or decelerating and you happen to hear a howling noise, ensure you check it out before going too far. In most cases, such noise is as a result of a missing high spot or chipped gear…

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Stay Aware of Your Vehicle’s Transfer Case

If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, then you have a transfer case as part of your powertrain. A transfer case is not found in two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles. A true transfer case is exclusive to four-wheel drive vehicles like trucks and larger SUV's.

The transfer case is what delivers power to the front and rear axles by means of the drive shafts. Power is generated by the engine and delivered to the transmission, which then goes to the transfer case. The transfer case delivers power via the drive shafts to the front and rear differentials which power…

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