One of the main reasons why oil changes are so important is because they allow the engine to run smoothly. The oil in the car is a critical part of the vehicle's operation because it lubricates all of the moving parts of the engine. This helps to reduce the amount of friction that is produced while it is operating. Therefore, there are less chances of it overheating or breaking down later.

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Over time, you are going to need to replace the oil in your car. While the engine is operating, it causes the oil to break down and it is not going to be as effective. When you fail to replace the oil in your engine according to the suggested maintenance schedule of the manufacturer, then you could end up paying a lot of money for repairs on your car or engine later on down the road.

Let us here at Awesome Ford take care of all your oil change and service needs. You can always count on us to send you home with a well-oiled machine.

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